Custom Music and Jingles
Glass Hammer is available to score your next film or major production!  Orchestration of complicated projects is handled by combining sophisticated scoring and sampling software (like the latest version of GigaStudio) with real instruments. For instance, we record a small choir and string section along with the powerful GigaStudio orchestral string and choral libraries.  The result is unbelievable!  Okay, it’s actually ultra-believable!  It’s that marriage of sampling technology and ‘actual living human beings’ that give us a sound unlike any other.

Spot Production for Radio
When ad pros from The Johnson Group needed a local studio to record and produce literally thousands of 10 second spots for its Cricket 'Slice' launch, they chose Sound Resources. Hundreds of spots produced weekly with custom voice-overs and custom music were uploaded via cable modem to a national distribution point. Post-production for various Cricket promotions are also handled at Sound Resources.

Need a jingle? Need to add professional voice overs, sound effects and production to that finished jingle? How about scripting, music and voice overs for your telephone's on-hold feature? Sound Resources can do it. Need CDs duplicated for 80 radio stations -- and need them yesterday? That's right -- it's all done here at Sound Resources.

Album Production
The production team at Sound Resources have over thirty albums to their credit.

Automated mix and digital multi-tracking with the Roland VS-2480, tons of effects, great mics, ADATS for transferring older tapes and the best ears in the business -- all these factors and more combine to work for you. Our pros can produce your vision, or just sit back and push the buttons. Their level of involvement is up to you. It is your album, and the most important work you will ever do as a musician or vocalist. The producers know that going in, and treat your project with the same care as they would their own.

Video Production
Still using demo tapes or CDs to showcase your band or solo career? Wouldn't a video get more attention? Of course it would -- and it's called a V.P.K., or Video Press Kit. It's been the standard for serious musicians for years now in larger markets like Atlanta and Nashville, but relatively unheard of in smaller markets like Chattanooga.

If you want to be taken seriously, then you'll need the same tools as your competition. And they're not mailing out demo tapes to record companies, they're sending an V.P.K.

Showcase your music, your look, and the vision for your project in a five-minute documentary that includes album quality recording of your music, interviews, footage of studio production sessions, and live performance. We can put your vision on DVD and put you ahead in the game -- and all for about the price of an average set of drums! Call us to find out more.