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The following are sites belonging to close friends of ours. Be sure to visit and let them know Glass Hammer sent you. and GH vocalist Jon Davison currently fronting YES.

Designerloge Artist for "IF" and "Cor Cordium" Tom Kuhn

Jon Anderson  Co-Founder of Yes, and special guest vocalist on Culture Of Ascent.
Roger Dean -- World renowned artist famous for artwork for bands such as Yes, Asia, Greenslade, Uriah Heap, Gentle Giant, and of course, Glass Hammer.

Dr. Amy Sturgis Tolkien-scholar, author, lecturer and very close friend and supporter of Glass Hammer.

YesFocus Yes fan site and friends of GH - Netherlands. The semi-exclusive GH site with lyrics, exclusive photos, interviews and more.
power pig productions -- Chris McVeigh, owner of power pig productions, is a much sought after artist and illustrator in the high tech industry, with clients including Apple Computer, macHOME Magazine, Inside Mac Games, Bungie, and many others.


The below Internet radio stations are known to play progressive rock on the air. That's right ... progressive rock across the Internet while at your computer! What could be better than that? Make sure to email the stations or talk to the DJs and let them know how much Glass Hammer rules. :)

By the way, if you know other Internet-based radio stations that play progressive rock, be sure to let us know. Send us their website name and URL ... we'll take care of the rest.

Seismic Radio -- Plays a wide variety of music, including progressive stuff.
Delicious Agony -- Progressive rock Internet radio station. -- Another fine rogressive rock Internet radio station.

Prog Positivity -- Progressive rock positivity Internet-based radio.
Soul Frequency -- Webzine, music, radio, reviews, and more
Prog Palace -- Another fine progressive rock Internet-based radio station.


The below sites are a varied bunch, but all of them have one thing in common: a review of, discussion about, or mention of Glass Hammer would not be out of place. Some of the sites are forums, some are webzines, and others are members of various progressive rock webrings. If the site does reviews, articles, or interviews, feel free to drop some friendly email to their site admins letting them know you'd like to see Glass Hammer featured in one of their interviews, reviews, or articles! If the site is a prog bulletin board, feel free to start a discussion about GH, or join one already in progress; you might be surprised who pipes up! -- Your progressive rock one-stop with great reviews, news, articles, and more.
David Wallimann -- Guitarist for Glass Hammer live member line-up. -- Glass Hammer fan page containing, among other things, exclusive content.
ProgressiveEars -- Great forum to meet other prog fans and post GH fan news.

Sea of Tranquility -- Prog news, reveiw, and much more.
ProgArchives -- Bills itself as the Web's ulimate progressive music resource.
Gibraltor Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

Lynne Music -- The online home for prog and symphonic rock master Bjorn Lynne. -- Fantastic site with tons of info on Tolkien films. -- Another incredibly detailed and informative Tolkien site.

Agartha Prog -- An Italian site dedicated to progressive rock.
Progressive Newsletter -- Progressive music website available in English and German.
Art Zero -- A French progressive music website.
Calyx -- Site dedicated to Canterbury music.
Colossus -- Finnish Prog Music Association website.

Ghostland -- An EXCELLENT site dedicated to prog rock. Lots of news n' stuff.

Rock-Classical Connection -- Another music website:
Rock Progresivo Hispano -- Site dedicated entirely to Hispanic progressive music.
Through Different Eyes -- An incredibly in-depth look at TONS of prog bands, with lots of news and reviews.

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