Glass Hammer
The Inconsolable Concert
Live At Belmont
NTSC Region Zero (Region Free)
5.1 Surround DVD + Bonus DVD

Steve Babb: Bass guitar
Fred Schendel: Keyboards
Matt Mendians: Drums
David Wallimann: Electric guitar
Carl Groves: Vocals
Susie Bogdanowicz: Vocals
Bethany Warren: Vocals
Flo Paris: Vocals
Eric Parker: Acoustic guitar and steel guitar
The Adonia String Trio
Rebecca James: Violin
Susan Hawkins: Viola
Rachel Hackenberger: Cello
150 singers of The Belmont University Singers
and The Belmont Women’s Choir
Set list:
Long and Long Ago
One King
Run Lisette
Farewell to Shadowlands
Through a Glass Darkly
Knight of the North
When We Were Young
Having Caught a Glimpse
Heroes and Dragons

Behind-the-scenes video footage
Rehearsal video footage
Slideshow with commentary
Over 250 minutes of content

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